The Open Heart Project


Open Heart is the name of a song featured in my upcoming album iamheaven. However, it's also something more. The more I talked to other composers and singers about the song the more I realized that with this song I had the opportunity to do something truly unique.

That's what brings us here.

I am releasing two versions of Open Heart as an instrumental early for anyone to download.

The goal is to to have those that do download it write their own lyrics and sing their own interpretation of it. As long as it's submitted to me via email by March 31st it will be accepted* to be a part of the second album which will be a collective of interpretations of the song.

If you're interested

Download Open Heart here

Listen to the music and write the lyrics you feel from the song. Additionally, you can rename the song. Open Heart is the name I gave it while writing. Now you're writing it so it's only fair for you to name it as well.

Record your all of your voice parts and add any effects you feel comfortable doing yourself.

Send everything over to my email

In your email, please include all names of people involved in the project, the lyrics to the song, and of course the voice files.

After that, we'll get the ball rolling on getting everything finished!


If you are participating, please consider sharing this project with others and let then know you're joining in! My hope is to really showcase how music means different things to everyone and the best way to show it is to have lots of different perspectives. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. It really means the world to me.


If you download the music, write something and you don't feel is good enough - that's okay. Share it with friends and family. I'm proud of you for trying. Thank you for trying.

If you downloaded the music just to have it - Thanks for taking the interest and I hope you like the song.

Again, thank you all for the support, participation and sharing of the project. I'm so excited to see how it all turns out and it wouldn't exist without you all. From the bottom of my heart.


Thank you.



Your version of the song does not need to be named Open Heart. I named it that while making it and this is now your perspective of the song so feel free to rename and change the intent.

Everyone that contributes will get a portion equal with myself of all sales profits that their individual song makes. The split per track will be between the singer (or singers), the mixing tech, the mastering tech, and myself.

Whomever is the writer of the lyrics will retain copyright for their work.

Revisions to the track to elongate sections will be considered on request. It strictly depends on timeline of when the request is made.

Remix artists, I see you, if you're feelin it go for it. You will be included.







*I reserve the right to refuse any collaboration with any artist. Aside from swearing, if you, for any reason include offensive lyrical content (racism, sexism homophobia, etc) I will not be including your work and no there are no second chances. Additionally, if you do, you will not have permissions from me to share your version at all and yes I will seek legal action to prevent you from doing so.

I shouldn't even need to say this but here we are.